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29 March 2021

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For the second year in a row, an innovation made in Luxembourg has received a prestigious recognition from the Innovation Radar, a European Commission’s initiative to identify high potential innovations and innovators in EU-funded research.

Enabling strategic use and integration of materials

To resolve social challenges and enable digital and green transition, while reducing costs and potential risks, manufacturing organisations need to improve their decision-making regarding the materials selected and design.

In 2017, the LIST’s Materials Research and Technology department teamed up with strategic partners in Europe to develop COMPOSELECTOR – a Business Decision Support System (BDSS) for the selection and design of polymer-based composites (PMCs), integrating materials modelling and simulation workflows.  

Over the last few years, our materials researchers have developed no less than 11 major innovations, turning COMPOSELECTOR into a unique system which contributes to:  

A Tech Ready to improve decision-making

We enjoy the benefits of materials in almost every aspect of our daily lives – in our smartphones, computers, modes of transport, processes for energy conversion and distribution, medicine, etc. It is therefore essential for designers, manufacturers and business decision-makers to quickly screen and evaluate multiple design and processing scenarios, to support material innovation in a systemic way and so boost their competitiveness. As a matter of fact, the information collected during the conceptual phase of a product’s development improves decision-making during the whole life of the product. This increases potential of innovation with new material, manufacturing processes and structural concepts illustrating further our willingness in accelerating the translation of our materials research excellence towards purposely developed innovations.

In other words, COMPOSELECTOR improves the selection of materials and design, reduce costs and contribute to the digitalisation of manufacturing industries, giving them the possibility to constantly adapt their business to volatile environments, guaranteeing sustainable benefits.   

More information on the project:

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