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The “Predi-COVID” study aims to identify important risk factors and biomarkers associated with COVID-19 severity and long-term health consequences of the disease in Luxembourg.

Predi-COVID will contribute to better understanding why some patients infected by SARS-CoV-2 develop severe symptoms while others present only mild forms, which will ultimately lead to more personalized care recommendations. The study will also include household members of Covid-19 positive participants to study the transmission of the virus in this high-risk population.

Overall, this unique project will provide important results and improve the understanding and management of the outbreak.

Why is this study important?

COVID-19 infection manifests itself through a diverse array of symptoms, varying in type and intensity and consequently resulting in very different outcomes for affected patients. The risk of more severe forms of COVID-19 increases with age. However, little is currently known about other clinical and biological characteristics that lead to the observed disparities in disease severity and prognosis.

Predi-covid infographic: predicting the severity of Covid-19 infection