Luxembourg: a thriving scene for Spaceneurship

27 May 2021

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Luxembourg has built a thriving space industry, currently comprised of 60 companies and research labs and including a growing number of firms that build solutions for the commercial exploration and utilisation of space resources. Approximately 800 employees work in the space sector in Luxembourg, in research and development, manufacturing and operation.

LuxSpace to enable space ambitions of both business leaders and institutions

Founded in 2006, microsatellite and integrated services specialist LuxSpace is a pioneer in the Luxembourg space sector. While its top-notch products enable a variety of space missions, the company thrives in the dynamic Luxembourg space ecosystem where public and private organisations cooperate to make space business happen.

With about 50 employees, LuxSpace is one of the largest space companies in Luxembourg. Its Managing Director, Edgar Milic, joined the company in early 2021 after 12 years at satellite giant SES, headquartered in Luxembourg. As such, he has seen the space sector grow from a rather small community to a dynamic ecosystem of around 60 businesses and research laboratories.

“This development is due to the inspiring vision of some politicians. They were willing to do what it takes to have the necessary tools in place for the space sector to grow.”

Edgar Milic, Managing Director, LuxSpace

In the last five years, Luxembourg has created a stimulating ecosystem dedicated to space.

Mr Milic points out that “the synergies between these instruments have created an enormously rewarding environment that attracts people and companies to Luxembourg.”

“It used to be scientists and engineers dreaming about space – today it is entrepreneurs.”

Edgar Milic, Managing Director, LuxSpace

Generating a talent pool of highly skilled engineers and innovative entrepreneurs

University of Luxembourg, in collaboration with the Luxembourg Space Agency, offers a two-year interdisciplinary Space Master programme. The aim of it is to generate a talent pool of highly skilled engineers and innovative entrepreneurs. Thus, the future talents will be able to create and manage leading commercial space enterprises.

Find out more about the programme.

In just three decades, the Luxembourg space sector has grown from nothing into probably the most dynamic in Europe. The country is building an environment encouraging space entrepreneurship to make space dreams real.

Excerpts from Luxembourg Trade & Invest’s Enabling space ambitions.

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