Luxembourg world’s 6th happiest country

24 March 2022

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Luxemvbourg City

World Happiness Report 2022.

Luxembourg ranks 6 out of 146 countries. The happiness score includes measures such as GDP, social support, generosity and personal freedom.

Luxembourg’s performance

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Luxembourg world’s 6th happiest country

Luxembourg is ranked 6th in 2022, up from 8th in 2021 (and 10th in 2020). The rise is mainly thanks to the good economic performance of the country, as wealth (GDP per capita) is the single biggest contributor to Luxembourg’s ranking. Notably, Luxembourg also placed 10th for the freedom to make life choices, 12th for life expectancy and 34th for generosity. 

To establish the ranking, the authors conduct interviews with residents of the 146 countries to gauge their level of happiness. These data are then crossed with national GDP, social support, personal freedom and levels of corruption to give each nation a happiness score.

Greater Region performances:
– Germany: 14th place
– Belgium: 19th place
– France: 20th place

Happiness in difficult times

The World Happiness Report 2022 both looks back at effects of COVID-19 and also looks forward at the future course of the pandemic and the scale of military conflict. The report singles out a positive development, that during COVID-19 a global upsurge in benevolence was measured in 2021. It states “this benevolence has provided notable support for the life evaluations of givers, receivers, and observers, who have been gratified to see their community’s readiness to reach out to help each other in times of need.”

The World Happiness Report is an annual UN-sponsored report now in its tenth year, carried out by the Gallup Institute.

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