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14 January 2022

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Research X Industry.

Collaboration with industry is central to Research Luxembourg to articulate its vision. Through strong partnerships, research players seek to support existing and future industries.

The National Research and Innovation Strategy aims to encourage companies to undertake research, development and innovation activities. In order to make research a driver for economic diversification and for innovation in industry, the government encourages the development of public-private partnership programmes.

Recently, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) developed collaborations with industrial partners.

LIST and No-Nail Boxes launch an in-situ training solution 

LIST in partnership with No-Nail Boxes, a manufacturer of plywood folding boxes, have launched an in-situ training solution aimed at supporting and developing user skills of computer numerical control machines known as CNC. The result will be an Industry 4.0 challenger with an in-situ learning assistant for CNC machines.

We develop an assistant on a software which provides tasks you must complete on the CNC machine. You finish these tasks, and the software provides feedback on whether they have been done correctly or not and guide you to using correct materials and procedures, so that you learn in-situ.

Marie Gallais, head of the project at LIST

The main advantages of this are that users gain confidence directly on the job and mistakes and hazards can be avoided thanks to the system’s feedback. The assistant could also prove useful for small CNC Machines such as 3D Printing machines used for example in schools.

LIST and No-Nail Boxes signed an experimental agreement in 2020.

The research institute was searching for real world conditions to develop a demonstrator. With their CNC wood milling machines, No-Nail Boxes was the ideal candidate.

More about LIST and No-Nail Boxes’ partnership.

SnT and Spacety partner to tackle space debris pollution

The University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) has partnered with Spacety Luxembourg S.A., a global new space company specialised in small satellites and satellite-based services to study small satellite solutions for space debris removal.

The aim of the partnership between SnT and Spacety will be to investigate the research and development of novel space debris removal concepts.

We are excited to be working with Spacety on this area of research, as it has a global significance to our future in space. Collaborating with Spacety will enable us access to real satellites, so that we may eventually be able to test our algorithms and mechatronics concepts designs in space

Prof. Miguel Angel Olivares-Mendez, head of the SpaceR research group and principal investigator of the project.

Split into three phases, the first phase of the project is set to focus on reviewing what current technologies exist for removing space trash. The phase will also involve assessing the feasibility and assessment of small satellite solutions for space debris removal.

The second phase will consist of developing concepts and simulations, which will be demonstrated in a simulator and in the Zero-G facility of SnT during phase three. 

SnT has entered into a partnership with Spacety Luxembourg S.A.

The project will involve a collaboration between researchers in SnT’s Space Robotics (SpaceR) research group and Spacety.

Read more about SnT and Spacety collaboration.

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