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14 March 2022

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A new collaborative open innovation platform, hosted by Innoget. 

To facilitate the development of partnerships and promote technology transfer, Research Luxembourg has set up a dedicated digital platform, powered by Innoget.

Companies, startups, and entrepreneurs will be able to tap into all the technologies being developed in Luxembourg’s public research institutions. In addition, the platform will stimulate calls from industry to public institutes, to create new business opportunities and bring together public and private partners with a common interest.

Research and industry in Luxembourg

Luxembourg holds a strategic location at the heart of Europe. Teeming with opportunities for research & innovation activities, it already benefits from strong international partnerships and connections worldwide, with many academic and business actors. Case in point: Luxembourg has been able to develop a world-class research university and specialised public research institutes, while attracting international private companies with strong R&D departments.

Renowned for being open, dynamic, and reliable, Luxembourg is an emerging home for research & innovation, continuously developing its mindset and goals in a spirit of agility and cooperation. All together, these strengths provide the most attractive framework to create research with impact, in Luxembourg, Europe and beyond.

Christophe Haunold, Head of Partnership, Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office at the University of Luxembourg:

Together with our partners, over the past and the next years, we want to bring research and industry together in Luxembourg, to experience the industrial and societal challenges that increasingly require interdisciplinary and intersectoral approaches. Our culture of partnership and Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) at University of Luxembourg is many-faceted: chairs, private-public-partnerships (PPPs), intellectual property (IP) licensing, spin-off creations, etc. We are developing our ecosystem through capacity building in the field of KTT, hiring skilled professionals and sharing the best international practices.

Fabian Belin, Partnership Development & IP Valorization at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), team player of Research Luxembourg, declared,

One of the expected outcomes of showcasing our key assets online is the increase of licensing collaborations of course, but not only. Most important for us is to use available digital technology promotion tools to create impact to promote our skills and expertise. The aim is to get attention from companies which are out of our network, create new business contacts, and ultimately initiate various partnerships.

Dr Jérémie Langlet, in charge of the Business Development Office of the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) said,

LIH aims to have a direct and meaningful impact on people’s health with the knowledge and innovative technologies our scientists are constantly developing. We need to communicate about our assets and skills to develop strategic collaborations with partners who can ultimately bring to the market products and services based on our research.

Jordi Ràfols, Innoget CEO:

We are very proud to support Research Luxembourg in the deployment of its technology transfer digitalization strategy by providing our Open Innovation Software, the InnogetCloud, and project implementation capabilities. It is a great opportunity to work with Research Luxembourg team towards our vision of democratizing technology and knowledge transfer by also connecting our innovation ecosystems while fostering cooperation between academics and external technology and industry partners in a very diverse fields of market applications.


Communications contacts

Hélène Jacuszin, Marketing & Communication Coordinator – Research Luxembourg

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