Strengthening interdisciplinarity: the Institute for Advanced Studies

02 March 2021

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Six new interdisciplinary research projects have received multi-year funding in the context of the Audacity funding instrument of the University of Luxembourg’s Institute for Advanced Studies.

In addition to its disciplinary excellence, the University has the ambition to strengthen its interdisciplinary approach, which is instrumental to approach both important scientific questions and large societal challenges. The University’s Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) is a concrete instrument to support this ambition.

The six newly selected projects focus on forensic genomics, the microbiome of cancerous patients, the workplace paradigm under COVID-19, the EU monetary policy, robotics and automation, and mechanistic data integration for epilepsy treatment.

The common characteristic of the selected projects is their bold approach to solve complex challenges by taking full advantage of interdisciplinary approaches. Audacity aims at overcoming the barriers between scientific disciplines and sectors, and fostering increased collaboration at the forefront of science at the University of Luxembourg.

The University’s Learning Center on Belval Campus ©FNR

The following projects were retained in the 2020 funding round and will start throughout 2021.

About the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)

The IAS was launched in 2020 with the aim to strengthen the University’s interdisciplinary research and further reinforces its international profile as an excellent research university. Currently, University researchers work on 10 Audacity projects spanning the fields of artificial intelligence, data science, material physics, robotics, law, finance, economics, medicine, microbiology, psychology, politics and history. The next call for Audacity projects will be announced in June 2021.

Building on its strong disciplinary roots, the University uses interdisciplinary research as a catalyst to generate new understanding and innovations to improve the quality of life and society of tomorrow. The Institute is inspired by existing university-based Institutes for Advanced Studies on the international scenery, which are recognised for combining scientific excellence, interdisciplinarity and internationality, and for sharing knowledge and experience with society. As the only IAS in a perimeter of 1000km, the IAS will act as a beacon for research in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

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