Use of new FFP2 masks – ensuring safety & security in large scale testing stations

03 July 2020

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In the testing stations, the safety and security of the staff collecting samples has been and is being ensured by redundant protection measures with masks and face shields. These measures are strictly respected at all times.  The compliance of these measures and quality of the material being used in that framework is being closely monitored by Laboratoire Réunis, along with their sub-contracters for the large scale testing.

The masks used on the stations were CE labeled, certified by two testing laboratories and all certificates stating compliance with security & safety requirements had been provided.  However, lab reports recently suggested that the tests of some CE masks, including the masks being used at the stations, were not accurate. 

In light of this information, additional tests have been commissioned in an independent Belgian laboratory.  The results of the test received on 3 July 2020 state that the filtration rate of the tested masks is 93.39 %, as compared to  94% required for FFP2 masks. This means there is a differential of 0,61%.

As a consequence and as a precautionary measure, all masks of this model currently being in circulation are being collected, and will no longer be used by the staff as of this afternoon, 3 July 2020 at 4:00 p.m.  Instead, employees will be given certified 3M FFP2 masks used in the national hospitals.
Regular testing of the staff members working in the stations is also part of the standard security protocol. 

Safety and security are a priority for all partners involved in the large scale testing and all measures will be taken to ensure the highest standards are being maintained.

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