Breakthrough infections, vaccine escape, waning immunity and autoimmunity 

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The project focuses on COVID-19 infections after vaccination or re-infections, defining aspects such as the cellular and antibody response elicited by vaccines or COVID-19 recovery, the clinical symptoms of re-infection or infection post vaccination and  the vaccine effectiveness and protection against re-infection.

What are the project objectives?

The objectives of the project are to extend the PREDI-COVID inclusion criteria to focus from September 2021 onwards on infections after vaccination or re-infections, including participants from the ORCHESTRA study (n=2050, previously LVS study).

This project is including

  1. participants enrollment
  2. sample and data collection
  3. sample characterisation

What needs will the project meet?

The project will cover the following unmet needs:

Characterisation of the cellular and antibody responses (type and durability) elicited by vaccines and in uninfected and recovered COVID-19 patients (either vaccinated or not) with an emphasis on the variability of immune responses.Characterisation of the clinical symptoms in case of re-infection/infection post-vaccination and Long COVID profiles.Definition of the immune correlates of Protection / Vaccine effectiveness.Identification of the virological factors involved in viral escape to COVID-19 vaccines and in reinfections
Identification the individual characteristics associated with viral escape to COVID-19 vaccines and in reinfections.Surveillance of variants.Vaccination of people with Long COVID.

What population do we target?


150 Participants presenting an infection post-vaccination or post-previous SARS-CoV-2 infection + 30 Participants controls (household members).


  • 1750 Participants representative of the Luxembourg population.
  • 150 Participants from a fragile population (Parkinson’s disease).
  • Additional visits for 250 participants (presenting a positive SARS-CoV2 infection during the follow-up of the Orchestra cohort).

COVID-19 vaccination and re-infection

Coordinated by


  • Dr Guy Fagherazzi
  • Prof. Dr Rejko Krüger
  • Prof. Dr Markus Ollert (spokesperson)
  • Prof. Dr Paul Wilmes

Communication contacts

Arnaud D’Agostini

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