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18 April 2023

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ChatGPT and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT, large language models (LLMs), AI-based systems, deep learning, etc.: AI technologies introduce opportunities and challenges at the same time. Alexandru-Adrian Tantar is working on ways to verify AI models so they can be trustful.

Dr Alexandru-Adrian Tantar is the Group Leader for Trustworthy AI at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). Since 2022, with activities that overarch analytics, machine learning and AI, and applications in Industry 4.0, link to health, or image processing for space observation.

Do we trust the AI?

LLMs, and AI technologies in general, have introduced new challenges concerning ethical principles. There are many questions related to how we introduce the AI to our everyday life.

“At some point we realised that machine learning and AI models may actually fail. […] We have examples where the results, the outputs of the models, were correct but the way the model was referring, that output was completely wrong. At the level of the European Commission, the “high-level experts group” gives this definition of trustworthy AI: basically they say we need to be able to build trust with AI and especially in areas like medicine, like laws, […], those are qualified as being high risk AI applications.”

The LIST Trustworthy AI group focuses on explainability: what is the reason behind getting a certain result when using AI? Nowadays, because of the complexity of some models, even more in the areas of research or in the public domain, we need to know if a model is fair. There are many dimensions for which we need to put in place formal ways to verify explainability, fairness, etc.

Listen to Alexandru-Adrian Tantar to learn more about AI and the current state of research in Luxembourg on this topic.

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