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27 June 2023

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Science Meets Communication

Mathematics is not always about calculation. But it is for sure about creativity. This is even more the case for Bruno Teheux, for whom scientific communication is another entry point into science and above all a passion.

Bruno Teheux is Assistant Professor at the Departement of Mathematics of the University of Luxembourg. Specialised in Algebra, his research interests are related to the fields of:

Bruno Teheux is also very active when it comes to science communication and outreach activities. He is behind numerous projects including workshops, exhibitions, seminars, books, etc.

When research goes public

Putting people into the situation of doing math, like a researcher, is really exciting.

Bruno Teheux

Bruno Teheux believes that outreach activities “give to people the opportunity to experience the life a researcher in math”. By playing a game, being part into an interactive workshop, he wants people to experience mathematics without being conscious in the first hand, that they are doing math.

Listen to Bruno Teheux to learn more about mathematics research in Luxembourg and the importance of research outreach activities.

Together with Hugo Parlier, professor of Mathematics at the University of Luxembourg, Bruno Teheux has created several games and activities such as:

The Sound Of Data

Have you ever wondered what data sounds like?

One of Bruno’s latest project is a data sonification project called “The Sound of Data”, part of the ReShape project, for Esch 2022, the European Capital of Culture. For this project, he collected over 20,000 drawings and gave them to musicians who composed music based on them. Here are two of them: music by Mike von der Nahmer and music by Timelord.

More about The Sound Of Data project

A podcast to highlight research made in Luxembourg

Research Luxembourg, RTL Today and SciLux have teamed up to launch a new series of podcasts showcasing science in Luxembourg and beyond.

With a new episode every 2 weeks published on RTL Play, ‘SciLux powered by Research Luxembourg’ will showcase research activities and scientific cooperation in the Grand Duchy.

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