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28 February 2023

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Research to impact gender issue

When it comes to gender stereotypes, Carole Blond-Hanten wants her research work to have impact on society. To her, this is one of the roles of science: to build a better society.

Carole Blond-Hanten is a sociologist at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER). Her research fields are gender and industrial relations. In addition to her research projects, Carole Blond-Hanten is also a member of numerous committees and groups, with one ambition: have a greater impact on society.

Listen to Carole Blond-Hanten and discover her work on different topics related to gender.

A game to fight gender stereotypes

Stereotypes are omnipresent. If you want to reduce them in society, you must first make people aware of them. Carole Blond-Hanten has visited children’s and youth institutions to do this; and created a tool to achieve this goal: a nine square metre board game.

The board is divided into 20 squares, which in turn cover four areas of gender inequality: knowledge, work, power and society. For each of these topics, there are age-specific questions on certain stereotypes, which are considered to be correctly answered if they are in line with the findings of scientific studies.

For few years now, Carole Blond-Hanten is cooperating with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) to integrate digital elements into the game to make more dynamic for the public and easier to handle for the animator.

The game also integrates a survey sent few times ago. This survey aims at enabling the researcher to collect data on the game’s impact.

Carole Blond-Hanten is also a member of the Gender Working Group, an inter-institutional committee coordinated by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), aiming at working on gender and diversity issues within the public research institutions in Luxembourg.

Research for impact

Science is also there to build a better society.

Carole Blond-Hanten

Carole Blond-Hanten is also working on the topic of social elections in Luxembourg and the representation of women in trade unions. Being a qualitative researcher, the sociologist analyses agreements and other documents related to delegations and also runs interviews.

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