Luxembourg ranks first in Oxford Economics’ European City Index

08 September 2022

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The European City Index benchmarks 100 major cities across a range of socio-economic metrics under 3 key pillars: human capital, economics and quality of life.

The 2022 Oxford Economics ‘European City Index’ has ranked Luxembourg first place in its benchmark of 100 major European cities.  Luxembourg’s top position was boosted by its excellent economic and employment forecasts which contributed to receiving the top score of 76.  London received second place with a score of 74 followed by Oslo (72), Zurich (71) and Stockholm (71).

The benchmark is based off the socio-economic metrics of economics, human capital and quality of life.  The ‘economics’ metric took into account GDP, productivity, employment growth and income equality while ‘human capital’ looked at population growth, share of population with a higher education (see related news: Luxembourg ranks 1st in EU for higher education levels), etc. For the ‘quality of life’ indicator, it was largely based on resident satisfaction surveys but included also criteria like average annual temperature and time spent on congested roads.

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